Carl Berney works in stone and bronze creating sculptures of animals caught in motion, human figures or simply abstract works. His sculptures are detailed, accurate to scale,  and very fluid.  He finds inspiration in natural forms, especially the feminine and the feline. Working primarily in marble and limestone, he says, “I tend toward the enduring themes of nature and humanity. I look for shapes and forms that are swirling, undulating and sensuous.” About his feline works, he says, “Cats are such flowing creatures with many sculptural poses. They are absolutely regal beings.” Carl Berney loves translating the flowing nature of the feline form into a sculpture. He is intrigued by the cat’s “elegance and fluid nature.” He says, “While a sculpture is fixed in time, it can still have a dynamic quality.” The challenge for the sculptor is to capture the essence of the subject so that anyone who knows cats will recognize the pose. His stone pieces are often cast in bronze, which enables him to give them interesting patinas. Carl studied stone carving in Pietrasanta, Italy, and has taught sculpture techniques in numerous workshops. His sculptures are in collections around the country. 
Art Pieces

In Pursuit, Bronze
Stretch, Bronze
Cat Poised, Bronze
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