Nancy Romanovsky 

In 2012, Nancy left a career in graphic design and marketing to pursue her passion from an early age to pursue fine art painting. She began oil painting at a very young age.and later studied art at Arizona State University and privately with several artists as well as at the Scottsdale Artists’ School.  Her choice of medium is  oil, because with variety of brushwork, thick and thin, loose and detailed, it affords the opportunity to portray the breadth and scale of nature. She states: "I love the process of starting with nothing and creating something uniquely beautiful and honest." Her of love of hiking proves to be a constant source of ideas for visual nourishment of paintings yet to come.  She is primarily a landscape painter but with an affection for the beauty of Aspens trees with their abstract shapes, reflective colors, and dappled light.  She has exhibited in a long list of  art shows and galleries, with an honorable mention by juror Charles Pabst for Jewel of the Creek at an art exhibition for the Desert Foothills Land Trust.  She is a member of Women Artists of the West (Member and Sponsorship Chair), Plein Air Washington Artists, and Arizona Plein Air Painters. Seaside Gallery is pleased to be able to represent this talented new painter emerging onto the national scene. 
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