Born in Los Angeles, raised by her French mother and grandmother, Pomm Hepner had a truly bi-cultural upbringing. One of the characters in a novel by French authoress Colette was named Pomme. She loved the name, which means "apple", and took the "e" off to ensure correct pronunciation. She studied watercolor with Scott Moore in Laguna Beach and found that she loved the medium. Pomm created a unique style using only layered translucent watercolors allowing her to paint strong colors, light, and shadows that create the feel of Europe in her paintings for which she became renowned. Since 2003 , Pomm has created a series of oils that explore the spirit and motion of other artists in the creation of their art. Pomm's oils capture the energy of life's creative moments. Her work depicts people creating art -- whether a formal art form, such as music, or creating art by living --life as an art form. Seaside Gallery is proud to present some of these artful oil paintings.
Art Pieces

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