Lauri Blank

Raised by an artistic mother, and grandparents who are still performing musicians (well into their 80’s), Lauri was destined to be an artist. At the age of 12, she was honored by The Norton Museum of Art includeing one of her figurative paintings into an international art tour. Lauri found herself naturally drawn to the imagery and complexities of the human form. She especially focused on the female form, learning to capture its very essence on her canvas. Her artwork exhibits a romantic realism long forgotten by commercially driven, modern day trends. The appeal of her work is timeless. What is most remarkable is that she does not use live models. The images create themselves. Her talents were immediately recognized by patrons in Washington D.C. and the Miami area, where she accepted numerous important commissions. And in 2001, Lauri Blank was commissioned to paint the ceiling of a 19th century church in Old Montreal. For months, the artist worked day and night painting the Cathedral’s ceiling while standing on scaffolding that had a five-story drop onto the marble floor below. It was the most magical experience she has ever had and is most proud of this work. Lauri’s style of melds the techniques and icons of the old masters with today’s cultural ideology., Her passion and devotion expressed in her powerful images jump off the canvas and transport the viewer into a by-gone era bringing a sense of peace and reflection to the modern day world. 
Art Pieces

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