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Due to the help of an intuitive school art teacher, Lisa Johnson-McLoughlin discovered she could draw at age 13. After this unearthing, the driving force behind her artistic talent was her mother. "She joined my classes when shyness held me back, she prodded when I hit a dry spell, and she pushed when I sat back. There was absolutely no escaping her encouragement." She has painted many commissioned portraits and western oil and acrylic paintings over the years, which have received recognition and acclaim. She strives for accuracy on her canvases: actual places, scenes, landscapes and peoples that have graced our past history in forming the 'west' as it was known, and paints for the present those scenes that she actively has been a part of, and thus is recording for future history's sake. She has studied with notable and gifted realist artists who helped form the way that she sees things; such as portrait and western artist, Robert C. Rishell, portrait artists Virgil Elliot, and Robert Gerbracht, when in her 30's. She also studied with a number the CA artists of America, through juried workshops including: Robert Pummill, Gary Carter, Roy Anderson and Howard Terpning. She was awarded her signature award 'Society of Western Artists' 1987. She has won a number of ribbons, honors, best of show awards, and the Grumbracher Art Award. Most recently, in 2016, she received a ribbon and money award for her painting, Silence in Motion, from the Phippen Western Art Musuem show in Prescott, Arizona, and in October, 2016 a trophy award for her painting, Express Mail, from the SLOPOKE Western Art Show in Pismo Beach, California. She is currently represented by The Seaside Gallery in Pismo Beach, California, where she hangs some of her work. She lives the cowhand life on her ranch in Arizona, and says she feels the spirit of the land and its many faces. She currently paints from her studio in Pearce, Arizona, enjoys teaching, sharing and demonstrating her knowledge of art to students, and to please patrons with her God-given talent. After 51 years of painting art, "I continue to strive to give the world a glimpse of this beauty we call the Southwest." New Paragraph
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