Lisa Johnson-McLoughlin


Most recently, in October, 2016, she received a trophy award  at the 6th Annual SLOPOKE Western Art Rodeo in Pismo Beach for her painting Express Mail 1861 (Hell Bent for Leather)  and earlier, a  ribbon and money award for her painting, Silence in Motion, from the Phippen Western Art Musuem show in Prescott, Arizona. Both paintings are rrepresented by and on dosplay at Seasidde Gallery  in Pismo Beach, California.

Drawing since the age of 13, Lisa has studied with a handful of notable realist artists who helped form the way that she 'saw' things. Artists such as  Robert C. Rishell, Virgil Elliot, and Robert Gerbracht,  influenced her earlier years in portrait and western art. She also studied with a number the CA artists of America, through juried workshops including Robert Pummill, Gary Carter, Roy Anderson and Howard Terpning.  Early on in her artistic career, Lisa Johnson-McLoughlin perceived that light and shadow were a necessary part of her work. She lives the cowhand life on her ranch in Arizona, and says she feels the spirit of the land and its many faces. "Everyday I see the beauty of the Chiricahua landscape spread out before me. It stirs the winds of the peoples of bygone years, and brings to my canvas the cultures of the West.
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Express Mail 1861 (Hell Bent for Leather)  Acrylic on Canvas, 30 x 40 inches framed.
Silence in Motion (Apache Short Bow) Acrylic on Canvas 40 x 40 inches Framed
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