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Although we receive many inquiries, we are pleased by your interest in us and we welcome your application to be represented by Seaside Gallery. We are a full-time, professionally-managed fine art gallery always seeking experienced and accomplished artists with creative work executed to the highest standards of quality, which we judge to have high sales potential.
We invest our time, expertise, and financial resources to promote your art to interested customers. Our investment includes training, payroll, lease costs, advertising, marketing, art fairs, artist shows and events at the Gallery. We work creatively, diligently and exhaustively to make you successful because only then can we be successful as a commercial art gallery.
Therefore, we have a few processes and rules of the road to make representation as easy and beneficial to all of us as possible.
1. Please e-mail or mail us (include a SSAE for return) a sample portfolio that includes: A.) Some digital or photographic images of your work, B.) A Curriculum Vitae (resume), C.) A list of Awards or Publications, D.) A list of other galleries, art fairs or shows, or museum exhibits in which you have participated, and E.) A brief Artist’s Statement.
2. After your submission, if we are interested we will invite you to make an appointment to show us your art. We take appointments on Saturdays from 1000 until 1200. Just call Seaside Gallery at 805-773-8057.
3. Original art is sold on consignment with terms and conditions determined upon acceptance of your work.
a. As your “exclusive” representative, we do not want to compete with other local galleries, art shows, furniture stores or home decorating stores, etc. Therefore, you cannot sell or display your work for sale within an 50-mile radius of Pismo Beach.
b. You may not operate a retail website on which your art is sold. We encourage an advertising and a promotional website but we require that you direct customers to Seaside Gallery for purchase of your art that we represent.
c. You may not participate in local Art Shows where art is sold directly to customers as this competes with the purpose of a commercial art gallery. You may participate in competitive art shows where prizes are awarded, recognition gained, etc. Should a customer insist on buying your art at such a show, you will either direct the customer to Seaside Gallery for the sale or provide the gallery its normal sales commission.
d.The Gallery will discuss pricing with you but knowing our customers better than any one, Seaside Gallery will be the final decision maker on retail pricing.
e. Our Commission will be due on works of art represented by Seaside Gallery no matter where seen or purchased. 
We are in the business of selling art, not displaying art. These stipulations will help both artist and Seaside Gallery to establish a respectful and productive relationship. We appreciate your trust and interest in Seaside Gallery. And, we look forward to considering your art!
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