Darrell came to art late in his life. He creates original two-dimensional wall sculptures out of steel with a plasma cutter and then finishes them with a proprietary process that creates colorful are that shimmers and changes in color as you view it from different angles. We are proud to have witnessed Darrell's progression from Butterflies to the more complex works shown below. He is very prolific and therefore, we have more on display than we can keep up with on this website. But let Darrell tell his own story...I was a welder for 10 years during my career with J.H. Baxter Co. During this time I began making stick figures out of a variety of scrap metal pieces. I entered some of this art in the County Fair Art show and received a couple of blue ribbons . I wanted to pursue this form of art when I retired in 2006. Unfortunately you could buy that style of art manufactured overseas most anywhere. I was looking for something new and different. While in Oatman Az. in 2007, I met Metal Artist Don Burrous  who owned Main Street Emporium and stocked it with the most beautiful metal art I’d ever seen. Most of his art is south western designs. After talking to Don an hour or so he invited me to return to Oatman and study his methods and designs. I went back to spend time with him in his studio a month later . Afterwards I went home, set up my studio and started making my own unique designs. I have sold well over 300 pieces in the last 5 years.
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