Artists Detail

SERGEY BAGRAMYAN: Sergey Bagramyan is a professional artist living in Glendale, CA, who creates paintings without analogues. They are totally unique. His paintings present whimsy and fantasy with a confluence of modern and medieval symbology and imagery commenting on the basic foundations of the physical and psychological aspects of life. A graduate of the Russian Academy of Arts, he has been awarded a medal of the Creative Union of Artists for his contribution to the national culture. He shows and sells at international exhibitions in Moscow, Bern, Warsaw, and Beirut. Still young, this artist has great potential ahead
KEITH BATCHELLER: Keith is a native of Southern California. He graduated from the prestigious Art Center College of Design with a B.F.A. with Honors. Keith was selected by the Art Center to attend Post Graduate Studies in Connecticut where3 he refined his painting skills studying with some of our Nation’s most acclaimed artists: Bob Peak, Mark English, Bernie Fuchs, and Bob Heindel. Keith began his career in New York City as an illustrator. For over 30 years, Keith worked nationally for many major clients in New York, Chicago, and the West Coast creating paintings for advertising, publishing, and the movie industry. He has also done many movie posters for Walt Disney Productions including: Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast, and Lilo and Stitch. Keith has always had a keen interest in Western Art, the history of the Old West, and Native American people. He is now devoting his time and energy to pursue his passion of painting western scenes and people from that era along with today’s contemporary west. Keith enjoys working mostly in oils on canvas using a style of “Painterly Realism.” Keith likes to tell a story in his art and also convey a sense of emotion in his paintings that give the viewer years of enjoyment.

JAYNE BEHMAN: A UCLA Fine Arts graduate, Jayne is completing her MFA at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She has studied with the proclaimed portrait artist Wade Reynolds and has participated in many workshops. A professional artist for over 40 years, her work is collected worldwide and represented by fine art galleries across the United States. A multimedia colorist, her work evokes thought, plays with the interchangeability between positive and negative space and engages the working space. She resides on the Central Coast of California.
CLARA DODD BLALOCK: A native Atlantan. she received a BFA degree from the Atlanta College of Art, majoring in painting and printmaking. Clara has pursued a career as a professional abstract painter for about 25 years. The New York abstract expressionist painters of the mid-1960’s greatly influenced her work over the years…and into her painting today. “I work on large canvas, use broad brushes and get my whole self into the painting. I’m in constant motion as I work all over the surface to create a unified whole.” Working daily in a studio in the Tula Art Center in Atlanta, Clara produces large works in oil that are shown and sold in galleries in Atlanta, GA; Boston, MA; Camden, SC; Greenville, NC; Pismo Beach, CA; St. Simons Island, GA; Tuscaloosa, AL and Vero Beach, FL.

TOM B. BURGHER II: Known to have a camera with him all the time, Tom seeks beauty in everyday views and objects. His preference is for ocean and mountain landscapes, but he finds beauty in mechanical things and even in graffiti. He captures images with a painterly feel for composition and color and prints his own work on canvas or fine art paper. He has participated in workshops with photographers George D. Lepp and Bob Krist. He is a juried member of the Santa Barbara Art Association, a member of the Malibu Art Association, and recently joined the San Luis Obispo Art Center’s Central Coast Photographic Society. Although the Gallery was not bought for his photography, his life long passion for photography led he and his wife Sherie to acquire the Seaside Gallery. It’s a story you’ll have to ask them.
ROBERT COPPLE: Born and raised in Los Angeles, Robert Copple first established himself on the art scene with “illusionary” wildlife art in which the primary subject was supported with other wildlife forms that gradually revealed themselves to the viewer in the patterns of moss on rocks or the bark on trees. After this initial success, Robert jumped in popularity with collectors and galleries alike with his immensely popular “romance” series depicting scenes in which a glass of wine is within reach of a cuddling couple just out of sight. Whether a cold winter evening in front of a fire in the hearth, or a couple of empty beach chairs on the beach at sunset, these images evoke romantic situations to which all of us can personally relate.

DAVID DALTON: David Dalton was born in 1952 in Pontiac, Michigan. He grew up in California in an artistic home as the son of award winning artist Lee T. Dalton. In 1977, he graduated with a degree in fine art from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He has been a full-time oil painter since 1978, and has developed a national reputation for his Seascapes and Landscapes. Dalton has mastered a unique style of brushwork that gives luminosity to his paintings, and his layered application of color imparts depth and perspective. His inspiration is the beauty of the California coastline, the rural California hills and valleys, and the National Parks of the West. He resides with wife, Cheryl, in Coarsegold, California, south of Yosemite National Park.
BRIAN DAVIS: One of America’s most talented floral painters, Brian Davis’s brush is so accurate that many mistake his oil paintings, or giclees of his paintings, for photographs. Make no mistake, no photographer can capture the natural emotionalism that Brian Davis imparts in his lovely floral compositions. Each is an original interpretation of nature’s beautiful gift to man painted freely not copied from a photographic image, which is how he captures the lyrical beauty and color and play of light we take for granted when we look at a beautiful blossom.

JON DECELLES: Jon DeCelles is a sculptor in stone, alabaster, and bronze, who has been sculpting professionally since 1983. In 1985, he received an AFA Degree in Three Dimensional design from the Institute of American Indian Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico. His inspiration comes from his Native American heritage. He strives to render his artistic expressions with grace, elegance, and beauty. Love, strength, spirituality and time eternal are continuous themes in his sculpture, whether in stone or in bronze. His musical background is also reflected in his sculptures by the rhythmic lines flowing throughout. This is designed to evoke the natural feeling of wind and water. In his own words, Jon intends that his sculptures bring a moment of thoughtful peace and refelction to the viewer.
KAREN FEDDERSON: Raised in Venice, California, Karen has lived by the ocean all her life and has developed a love for the Pacific Coast, which she expresses in her oil paintings. Studying art in Europe and with a degree in Fine Art and Design from El Camino College, Karen paints primarily from memory. Karen will study the effects of sunlight and atmosphere at different times and seasons in locations throughout California, then she will walk the area and study the way light changes the possible compositions. Then she intensely studies the subject and finally begins sketching. At this point, painting is already done; she just has to get it down on canvas, which she does with a quick layout of the composition and basic color areas on the canvas. When this first layer or under painting is dry she will begin the many layers that make up the final piece. The finished work will usually have ten to twelve glazed layers of paint.

I & M GARMASH: Michael and Inessa Garmash are two of the finest Romantic Impressionists painting today. Their incredible talent is only matched by their love and career stories. Michael courted his future wife, after seeing her for but a moment, by painting her image all over her hometown while she slept. She recognized the passion with which this man cared so dearly and married him shortly thereafter. Several years after their marriage, Michael began a painting of their two-year old daughter, Polina,. However, Polina found the painting during Michael’s absence and embarked on her own artistic career. Inessa, discovering what her daughter had done, fixed the painting using her own training, and wrapped it up and gave it to Michael for submission. Garmash was praised for his best work ever. He was surprised to see the "new" painting and immediately recognized his wife's hand. They have painted together every since.
GEORGE GALLO: George is a Hollywood Screen Writer and Film Director and Producer with such well-known movie credits to his name as “Wise Guys,” “Bad Boys,” “Midnight Run, “ and Columbus Circle to name but a few ...however, George’s passion is painting. Passionate about painting since he was a teen, George apprenticed under renowned Russian painter George Cherepov and paints in his style today. An avid plein-air painter, you are likely to see George with his easel by the side of some California by-way painting a sweet country landscape or strawberry pickers in the field or cascading waterfalls. He paints quickly to capture the light on the scene before it changes and often completes several large paintings in the field before returning to his home studio. Impressionistic in style, his paintings are often large in scale and reflect the Russian school of art in color and vibrance. He documented his experience with George Cherepov in a commercial movie titled: “Local Color” - a wonderful way to learn something about George Gallo and painting as well.

FRANK GRAY: Frank Gray -- Born in Perryton, Texas, he moved to California at the age of 8 when his family settled in Santa Maria. In these early years, Frank realized a love and appreciation for surreal and explorative art styles. As a self-taught artist, he discovered his natural gifts to both paint in oil and teach art. For 32 years, Frank has taught private classes and at the local community college. He has received numerous first place awards and best of show. His paintings include a variety of subjects such as: seascapes, still lifes, landscapes, portraits and westerns, some of which have been published in ART OF THE WEST magazine. Frank Gray is a renown and much sought after artist. To his surprise in 2004, he was honored when one of his paintings was received by then President George W. Bush at the white house.
TONY HERTZ: Tony Hertz is an award-winning photographer with over 20 years of professional experience. He worked 10 years as a daily newspaper photographer and photographed U.S. Presidents, the Queen of England, Pope Paul, celebrities, musicians and famous sports figures. Working as a photojournalist helped refine his compositional instincts when he turned to focus mainly on landscape subjects. He likes the challenge and discovery in making simple compositional elements in black and white, and color. To him nature is like a sanctuary, a place apart and enjoys capturing those moments that evoke mystery, mood and beauty. His work has been published throughout the world and has earned awards from the International Photography. Tony is a Trek Mentor with the American Photo and Popular Photography Mentor Series workshops.

ROBERT EARL HUGHES: He was an Olympic Water Polo Athlete turned sculptor. A legendary swimming and water polo athlete who knew that “just okay was not good enough,” he qualified and competed in the Olympic Games. While at USC, he studied art and sculpture so that when he moved beyond his athletic days, he was able to sculpt the incredible energy, effort, and emotion of water polo competitions in bronze. Sadly, Bob passed away in late 2012 but his sculptures will convey the competitiveness of water polo forever. 
RAY HUNTER: Ray Hunter, a remarkable California watercolor artist, has a fascination with old wooden boats and their colorful reflections. Ray paints original watercolors in a manner similar to the way others paint in oil. He uses a layering technique with a great deal of glazing to build depth of color and textural detail. As a professional artist, Ray is a Signature Member both of the California Watercolor Association and the American Society of Marine Artists as well as Artist Member of the exclusive California Art Club. Besides gracing corporate and private collections, his art consistently wins awards in competitive exhibitions, most recently in the American Society of Marine Artists National Exhibition. His work was recently featured in the August 2008 issue of American Art Collector Magazine.

ONYEKA IBE: Onyeka Ibe was born and educated in Nigeria, Ibe (pronounced e-bay) moved to the United States and became a US citizen. In 2006, he was recognized as Art Expo SOLO Artist of the Year. The following year, he was selected by Art Business News as one of the 25 Top Artists of 2007. “Color is the characteristic of my art,” says Ibe who builds up his images with layers of color using a palette knife. Painting is his life and the only way he feels he can fully express himself . Originally, a realistic portrait and landscape painter, Ibe now favors expressionistic abstracts with colors that remind us of the California coast and the towns and villages thereon as well as sensitive studies of female figuratives that are emotionally engaging.

MYUNG MARIO JUNG: Myung "Mario" Jung was born in 1949 in Seoul, Korea. His promising career as an artist began in the 1980’s, but his life changed dramatically when he was paralyzed, blinded and deafened as side effects from a catastrophic, third-story balcony fall. Not even interested in food, Mario was giving up until he had an inspirational, spiritual dream that renewed his strength and his will to live. Perplexing and amazing all who knew him, Mario recovered completely and has since meticulously developed his flexible artistic style. Working in a multitude of genres, Mario’s emerging popularity is heightened by his ability to create a diverse range of work from classic and realistic skills, popular among Nu Realism collectors, to passionate impastos with richly textured details. His extraordinary attention to detail and use of light, reflection, and dramatic brush strokes uniquely distinguish his work from his contemporaries. Jung has an outstanding national and international reputation as an Artist.
SALLY MAXWELL: Scratchboard is her passion, wildlife her subject. Sally Maxwell has worked in this medium for over 40 years, becoming a true Master. She pioneered the use of color in scratchboard art early on. A move to the state of Texas prompted a major change in her life and has been reflected in her art. Finding a new type of scratchboard being produced just an hour from her home led to teaming up with the manufacturer to create 30 how-to kits, as well as writing 3 instructional books and one DVD with them. They are marketed thru all art supply stores and catalogs. She is the “Master of” as well as “Pioneer in” the medium, constantly developing new techniques. She travels with her digital camera and is constantly viewing life thru her artist’s eye. She is still unmatched in this medium. Secretly she knows so many more techniques are yet to be discovered, but realizing that just gives her more reason to be. She has had many awards, One-Woman shows, and shows her works at major Juried Art Shows, Dallas Safari Club and in her Texas studio. Sally’s works are in private and corporate collections worldwide, and are currently shown in galleries throughout the United States. SCRATCHBOARD ART:
Scratchboard is a medium that is over 100 years old, but has usually been used as a commercial art and illustrating medium. With the addition of color 30+ years ago and the development of a "new" scratchboard that has a rigid subsurface, it has made its way into the Fine Art category. It is now accepted in Museum shows all over the world and enjoys experimentation by many artists in varying techniques. Basically it consists of a rigid surface covered by white Kaolin clay which is sanded smooth and then a layer of black India ink is applied using an airbrush. This surface is cut through using anything from a sharp pin to dental tools or Doctors' scalpel. Specific tools are made and sold for use on the board, plus artists are continually experimenting to find new things which remove the black ink surface. I have found emery paper or sanding sponges useful as well as fiberglass erasers.

GARY KUTCH: A rare practitioner of the 17th Century Chinese technique of reverse painting on glass, Gary has been creating mixed media images in this manner for over 40 years. He discovered this technique by accident when during a college art course, he removed the glass from his family’s front door and used it as a canvas on which to paint. Well, it didn’t work! But several days later, he discovered the paint had dried and cracked in intriguing ways and he has been working on glass ever since. He soon discovered that the are no ruless and he began mixing oils, acrylics, wood stains, inks, dyes, spray paints, water colors ... you name it ... to create the very powerful images we have today. A video of Gary’s technique is in the permanent collection of the Rakow Library of the Corning Museum of Glass in New York State.
ROBERT MAJA: Robert Maja, born and raised in the Dominican Republic, enrolled at age 16 in the Academy of Fine Arts in Santo Domingo, where he spent five years perfecting his craft. He became the official muralist of the Dominican Presidency and was sent around the country to aid struggling neighborhoods create a sense of community through art. The daily rhythms and passion of island life are captured in the vibrancy of the colors he chooses, with a balance between warmth and coolness, night & day. The voices, songs, and culture of Robert's Caribbean heritage leap from his artwork through every brushstroke to produce canvasses of intensity balanced by gentle emotion. In 2001, Robert made a bold move to Madrid to pursue his career as an international artist. There, he held several solo exhibitions, participated in many public mural projects, and became influenced by the great masters of Cubism, a style that he continues to evolve today.

DON MAXWELL: Although an artist utilizing oils and acrylics for two-dimensional art for much of his career, Don Maxwell’s fascination with birds in the Morro Bay Estuary and in the Sierra Nevada Mountains drove him to depict Great White Egrets, Blue Herons, Quail, and Bald Eagles sculpturally. Beginning in 1994, Don began to craft images of these magnificent birds from “found” wood gathered in the mountains and along the beaches. His sculptures combine selected wood assembled into approximate shape and then carved and painted for detail. They are mounted on bases of local serpentine rock for stability with rebar legs. Meant to convey an impression of the majestic, graceful stance and incredible contortions of these birds, Don’s sculptures communicate his appreciation for wildlife rather than trying to portray anatomical precision.
LEON OKS: Leon Oks is exhibited widely across the United States and Europe. He has received many first place awards in juried art shows worldwide. His paintings are in numerous private and corporate collections as well as acquired for the permanent collections of museums such as the Schacnow Museum of Fine Arts, Plantation, Florida; the Museum of the Americas, Miami Florida, and the Latino Art Museum, Pomona California. He is frequently anthologized in such volumes as International Contemporary Masters, Famous: 120 Contemporary Artists, Portraits d’Artistes (Editions Regards, 2007), as well as having been featured in a lavish monograph (available as a signed edition at Seaside Gallery), Leon Oks: Dreamscape, published by World of Art in 2007 Books: Masters and Trends 2009 published by England. He lives and teaches in the Chicago area.

KEN ORTON: Ken Orton is a representational painter, who paints with a photographic eye for detail. Born and educated in England, he now lives in Roxbury, NY and his work includes portraiture, landscapes, figuratives, and still lifes. His landscape and still life work focuses on the disused and redundant, using dilapidated motels, rusting old cars and steam locomotives, canning jars, and mothballed aircraft as his themes. He uses his skills as a draftsman and colorist to produce a body of unique and sensitive images, an Englishman's poignant vision of the lost toys of the American Dream
CLYDE OWES: Clyde Owes passed away in 2004 but his art continues to speak to us about how the sea looks and feels. No other subject offers an artist the beauty, drama, and breathtaking power of nature as the ocean. Owes managed to capture the immense energy of the interaction of atmosphere and ocean in his powerful paintings. Out of a field of 2400 competing artists, Clyde was awarded the prestigious Judges Award in the 1995 National Park service Art competition. Clyde is a member of the International society of Marine Painters and the Oil Painters of America. His daughter Melody continues to promote his legacy for all to enjoy.

CHARLES PABST: Raised in northern California, Charles Pabst became captivated with the Southwest on a family trip to the Grand Canyon. He returned to Arizona, where he still lives, for his degree in Fine Arts from Arizona State University. Charles paints a wide variety of subjects with a special focus on the Southwest and California. His landscapes, seascapes, and images of the California Missions are beautifully depicted. Charles likes to keep his paints clean by using two pallets. He uses a combination of pallet knife and brush laying in the background and sky first, and then, letting it dry, it may be days or weeks before he finishes it off with highlights of light and shadow that add drama to his paintings
POMM HEPNER: Born in Los Angeles, raised by her French mother and grandmother, Pomm Hepner had a truly bi-cultural upbringing. One of the characters in a novel by French authoress Colette was named Pomme. She loved the name, which means "apple", and took the "e" off to ensure correct pronunciation. She studied watercolor with Scott Moore in Laguna Beach and found that she loved the medium. Pomm created a unique style using only layered translucent watercolors allowing her to paint strong colors, light, and shadows that create the feel of Europe in her paintings for which she became renowned. Since 2003 , Pomm has created a series of oils that explore the spirit and motion of other artists in the creation of their art. Pomm's oils capture the energy of life's creative moments. Her work depicts people creating art -- whether a formal art form, such as music, or creating art by living --life as an art form. Seaside Gallery is proud to present some of these artful oil paintings.

LINDA G. PAULSEN: Linda G. Paulsen loves to paint and teach painting. Equally comfortable using acrylic, oil, watercolor and pastel, her current focus is in miniature landscapes, although her poetic realism is equally poignant in her portraits of children. Linda enjoys all the cultural arts, and has published poetry and stories for children in several magazines and anthologies. After living 29 years in Rock Springs, Wyoming, Linda and her husband make their home in Springville, Utah, which is called the “Art City” of the state. Here, Linda continues her dream to paint the stunning beauties of the American West—and to enjoy her growing number of grandchildren.
ROBERT RICHERT: Knowledgeable art collectors say that the California landscape and seascape paintings by Robert A. Richert are among the finest available today! In the 1970's, after experiencing the ugliness of war in Vietnam, Robert became strongly motivated to bring beauty into the world through his art. Robert has been a professional artist since the early 1980's. Inspired by nature's boundless beauty, his use of rich color, strong composition, and dramatic lighting capture nature's grandeur while his finely honed brush strokes capture its subtle nuances. The translucent light emanating through the waves and the realism of Robert’s seascapes recall the sound and smell of the ocean. People feel they can walk into Richert's paintings to escape into an environment that provides them the opportunity to experience beauty, inspiration, and joy.

PATTI ROBBINS: A native New Yorker, Patti earned a BA from American University, Washington DC, an MA from Johns Hopkins University and pursued artistic studies at the Atlanta College of Art. Since moving to the central coast of California ten years ago, she takes full advantage of the magnificent vistas surrounding her Edna Valley vineyard studio. Patti’s work has been shown in prestigious exhibits around the country including: Monterey Museum of Art, The Haggin Museum, The Alexandria Museum of Art, Belskie Museum of Art, Karpeles Museum of Art, Coral Springs Museum of Art. She has been juried into the National Association of Women Artists, Woman Painters West and is a signature member of the International Society of Acrylic Painters.
DAVID SCHLUSS: David Schluss, born in 1943 he began painting at an early age in the ancient seaport of Jaffa, Israel. Within the mystical walls of the city, the austere religion of the historic churches, temples and monasteries captivated him. After his family migrated to Montreal, Canada, he enrolled in the renowned art school "Ecole des Beaux Arts" and then earned his fine arts degree at the University of Sir George Williams in Montreal. Influenced by masters such as Chagall, Miro, and Botero, Schluss to create his own unique style and technique of painting, he began experimenting by painting with his hands, using no paintbrush or spatula. He says, "With the palm of my hands I can get a play of light that I could never achieve with a brush. I start with the abstract, and figures emerge.” His paintings evoke a passion for love, happiness, energy and fun – the essence of life.

HAYLEY SHORTRIDGE: Born in Van Nuys, California in 1982, at age 8 her family relocated to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho where her parents opened several stores and art galleries. Though Hayley is the youngest daughter of the nationally acclaimed artist, Stephen Charles Shortridge, she was completely unaware of her abilities in the arts. In 2004 while on a three month backpacking trip throughout Europe she visited many of the world’s renowned galleries and was able to study the works of the great masters in person, awakening in her a new appreciation for the art of painting. Hayley was chosen as one of the few artists to be represented on the hit ABC series Extreme Makeover: Home Edition when they came to the Pacific Northwest. “I love to see people smile when seeing my art; as though they have personally identified or discovered something they have been missing.” Collectors across the United States have her work in their homes and she hopes to continue to bless others who encounter her art with the gift God has given her.
GEORGE D. SMITH: Born in Cody and now living nearby in Wapiti, Wyoming, “Dee” Smith began his professional career as an architect but soon found his calling in painting Western landscapes and wildlife. "When the West is gone, hopefully my paintings will show what it was like near the end of the Twentieth Century." Before interstate highways and 18-wheelers, there were mountain trails and 16-hoofers to transport freight to remote settlements. Dee Smith’s paintings of the Wind River Mountain Range in Wyoming memorializes this way of life. He paints from actual experience on these trails accompanied by these rugged horses.

THOMADRO: The art of THOMADRO, (neé Thomas Madro) is unconventional, unexpected, creative, full of surprises and beauty. His most recent creation, art that glows in the dark, is unique. Mixing materials developed by NASA for power-free signage on space vehicles, with an artists array of pigments, THOMADRO developed a new art form that is painted in 3-dimensions in multiple layers. Under light, the paintings reflect his unconventional expressionistic images and as daylight fades, his art continues to glow and change color and even shape. He earned a BA in Fine Arts from San Diego State University in 1974. In that year, Thomadro had his first one-man show of which noted art critic Richard Reilly wrote: “skill, imagination, competence, professionalism, and style …Madro has talent.”
Torzeski was born in Bismarck, North Dakota and began sketching at an early age. His family moved to Frazee, Minnesota, and then to Southern California, where Ski currently resides. An avid traveler, Torzeski draws his inspiration from the unique landscapes he encounters around the world, from Indonesia, China, Singapore, and Malaysia to Japan, Canada, and the former Soviet Union. His paintings also pay homage to the natural grandeur of America’s national parks and the rugged terrain of the border states near Mexico, one of the last true frontiers in the world with its visually stunning, untouched countryside. His paintings have been exhibited in the Smithsonian Institution, the UCLA Hammer Museum, and the Otis Art Institute of Los Angeles, as well as in private and corporate collections worldwide. His work has also been featured in magazines such as Southwest Art, television programs such as Inside San Diego and Sun Up, in the San Diego Natural History Museum’s Dos Aguilas/Two Eagles international festival, and in art programming for United States International University (now Alliant International University) in San Diego.

ELAIN THOMPSON: Born in Texas, finding permanent home in Ventura, California, Elain Thompson has developed a keen eye for visual interest in unexpected places. One distinctive aspect of her work emanates from a lifetime of experiencing the ephemeral, and each piece reflects a reverence for the fleeting nature of time. Elain began painting using images on old matchbook covers as inspiration and guide. With studies at Ventura College and the Santa Barbara Art Institute, Elain has built an enviable reputation for a wide range of local images in the mediums of oil, pastel and acrylic on surfaces ranging from canvas to concrete.
DARRELL WILLIAMS: A California native, Darrell Williams has always been involved in art projects such as woodworking, wrought iron, and metal sculpture. A welder for 10 years of his career, Darrell is familiar with handling metal as an artistic medium. While visiting Oatman, Arizona, he met metal artist Don Burrous who taught him plasma cutting and finishing metal in a unique way. Darrell adds his own skill and imagination striving for realistic designs of his own. All pieces are clear coat protected front and back. He is capable of creating custom pieces for indoors or garden display. 

CAO YONG: Cao (pronounced “chow”) Yong grew up poor and persecuted in the 1960’s era People’s Republic of China because his ancestors owned land and banks. Cao’s early artistic development occurred while in Tibet where he and his dog lived in a cave. His artistic talent blossomed when he escaped to Japan in the 1980’s. His art grew in emotional content and beauty when he immigrated to the United States in the 1990’s with his Mediterranean and Gold Coast series. Although a frequent visitor to Seaside Gallery in the 1998-2005 time frame because of his numerous collectors in the area, he returned to China as an official artist for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and then stayed to commemorate those whose lives were lost in the huge earthquake of that year. We were honored to have him support an Artist Reception in May of 2009 here in Pismo Beach.
HONGBIN ZHAO: Hongbin Zhao has been called “Monet of the Orient”; a magician of light, shadow and colors. Despite the vast variety of subjects that he paints from figurative to landscapes to still life, his most recognized series “Talk with the Angels” is one of the first unique creations in the world. The series explore the topic of love and compassion through angelic children, family and the beauty of nature. Hongbin has exhibited worldwide in over 15 different Museums and National Galleries, with over 80 Solo exhibitions in Japan alone. He has won over 40 First Prizes in Australian National Art Competitions. He was featured in over 30 books and biographies. In 2006, he was awarded an "Honorary Doctorate of Arts" by the Yorker International University, USA.
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